wellness area at Corail Noir Hotel

The wellness area

wellness area hotel corail noir

A moment of relaxation and well-being during your massage

A good massage awakens the senses. As soon as you enter the living room, the soft light in the curtains and the soft wooden furniture welcome you in a cocooning atmosphere. The delicate fragrances of essential oils announce the promise of an extraordinary journey to encounter the treasures of Madagascar’s biodiversity. Under the expert hands of our team and their relaxing, slimming or detox massages, it is a time when body and mind reconnect.

To be consumed without moderation, under reservation throughout your stay.

Our massages for the body


55 minutes: €18.50

This body care includes a foot massage with foot reflexology, a leg massage for fluid drainage, a back and neck massage for muscle relaxation, a circular motion belly massage for bowel relaxation, an arm massage for drainage, and, for complete body relaxation, a scalp massage.

You will enjoy this well-being session at full potential if it’s done at the end of the day, or in the evening to start resting smoothly.


50 minutes: €18.50

This body care includes a massage from the feet to the neck, with particular emphasis on the body’s fatty deposits (legs, arms, stomach, etc.).
This invigorating massage changes in intensity depending on the body’s area treated. The final phase is more gentle, to relax the parts of the body that have been vigorously massaged.
It is suitable for any time of the day and is effective only if the formula is repeated for at least 3 sessions.

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Our targeted massages


20 minutes: €8.50

A relaxing facial massage that will leave you with smooth skin and a rested face. In the expert hands of our masseuses, it’s the best way to start the day off right.


35 minutes: €13.50

An upper body massage that eliminates the tensions that are intense in this area. The neck care will revive your energy, by regenerating and toning neck muscles.
To relax muscles of the upper body, this massage is lightly toning – a great idea after a day of hiking or water activities.


35 minutes: €13.50

This formula includes a foot massage with reflexology and a leg massage for fluid drainage. The foot arch concentrates all the nerve points of our body. With this foot care, the pressure on the vital points provides an immediate feeling of well-being.
Foot and leg relaxing messages can be performed in the morning to tone up the day, or in the evening for a peaceful night.

spa in the Corail Noir Hotel
massage room corail noir hotel
wellness area at Corail Noir Hotel

Our packages

    Facial massage + Foot and leg massage
    Neck-shoulder-back massage + Relaxing body massage
  • “FITNESS” PACKAGE – € 48
    Sporty body massage in 3 sequences
  • “BODY CARE” PACKAGE – € 48

While booking your formula, feel free to specify your preferences. Our team will integrate any massage request you may have, and offer you a tailor-made package.

Our team is at your disposal to propose you adapted formulas

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