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Excursion to Nosy Sakatia

Located on the west coast of Nosy Be, opposite to the hotel, Nosy Sakatia is a small island of 6 km by 2 km long, with a well-preserved ecosystem. Take the time to explore it by foot, accompanied by a naturalist guide, to discover the endemic fauna and flora, the fishing villages, and the fields of vanilla, coffee and orchids, which make it famous – it is nicknamed “the island of orchids”. It is an authentic island, with friendly inhabitants and a relaxing pace of life. It can be reached by boat from Nosy Be (the crossing takes 20 minutes). It is best to reach it at dawn, so as not to miss anything of this little natural paradise.

  • Departure: from the beach in front of the hotel, 8:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m.
  • Details: our excursion is supervised by a guide specializing in the observation of marine animals and an experienced sailor. The excursion lasts half a day.
  • Number of participants: minimum 4 people
  • Price: €20/person
  • Helpful hints: Bring local currency for the market and don’t forget to pack sunscreen, mosquito spray, a hat, a beach towel, a camera, a windbreaker, flippers, and a water mask.

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boat trip to nosy sakatia

Excursion to Nosy Iranja

When you think of the most beautiful island of Madagascar, Nosy Iranja definitely has all it takes. It is made up of two small islands, Nosy Be and Nosy Kelly, linked together by a narrow strip of white sand. At high tide, the beach disappears and the sea separates both islets. In the middle of this unreal natural beauty, a fishing village still preserves its fascinating traditions and ancestral customs.

  • Departure: in front of the hotel, 8:30 a.m. – return 5 p.m.
  • Details: the expedition lasts the whole day. It includes 1h40 of sailing and a lunch of Malagasy grilled meat, fish and vegetables on the beach, in the shade of palm trees. Available all year.
  • Number of participants: minimum 8 people
  • Price: 85 €
  • Helpful hints: Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, mosquito spray, a hat, a beach towel, a camera, and a windbreaker.

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excursion to the island of nosy iranja

Expedition to Lokobe’s primary forest

The last original forest of Nosy Be, the primary forest of Lokobe conceals the most characteristic landscapes of Madagascar. This natural reserve, 740 hectares wide, is home to most of Madagascar’s endemic vegetation, but not only. It also hosts abundant fauna of lemurs (eulemur macaco), chameleons, insects, birds and reptiles, including the famous boa. You will discover this unique biosphere reserve on board magnificent traditional canoes.

  • Departure: at 8 am, by taxi or minibus from the hotel reception.
  • Details: the expedition lasts all day, expected to return around 4 p.m. All year.
  • Number of participants: minimum 4 people
  • Price: 65 €
  • Helpful hints: wear beach clothes for the beginning but don’t forget to bring long pants and comfortable shoes for the forest, mosquito spray and your camera.

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Excursion by dugout in the primary forest of Lokobe

Tour of Nosy Be South

A voyage full of colors, scents and flavors, to meet Nossibeenne culture and the region’s inhabitants. This trip will take you to discover several kinds of local markets: a craft market, the Market of Thousand Flavors of Hell-Ville – with its “meat”, “fish” and “spices” corners – but also the port of Hell-Ville, the capital city of the archipelago. There, you will discover the port’s old cannons back from the colonial era, many shops and even the island’s chocolate factory. Later in the morning, you will go to meet the sacred tree of Mahatsinjo, a high place of spirituality for the Sakalava people.

  • Departure: in front of the hotel 8:30 a.m. – return 1:30 p.m.
  • Details: the tour lasts half a day. Available all year.
  • Number of participants: minimum 4 people
  • Price: 40 €

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Sacred Tree of Nosy Be

Tour of Nosy Be North

Discover the natural wonders of the island. After a stopover on the wonderful white sand beach of Andilana, head for Mount Passot. This former extinct volcano and the highest point of the island opens up on a breathtaking view of the Mozambique Channel. Along the way, you will go through four volcanic lakes populated by sacred crocodiles. Once at the top of Mount Passot, you will be rewarded with a 360° view of the whole island, topped with an unforgettable sunset.

  • Departure: in front of the hotel, 2:30 p.m. – return after sunset
  • Details: the expedition lasts half a day. Available all year.
  • Number of participants: minimum 4 people
  • Price: 40 €

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Andilana Beach

Journey to Nosy Komba and Tanikely

Part 1 – Nosy Tanikely
For the first part of the itinerary, you’ll be sailing to the island of Nosy Tanikely (the little land). There is no better way to discover the magnificent marine protected area of Tanikely than with a snorkeling session – accompanied by an experienced guide. This natural real-life aquarium is one of the best snorkeling spots to observe a multitude of corals and multicolored fish such as sunfish, clownfish, swordfish, rays and even sea turtles.

Partie 2 – Nosy Komba
Heading to “the island of lemurs’, also known as Nosy Komba. It is no wonder, this island’s protective forest concentrates many lemurs, including the beautiful eulemur macaco. Right after landing on Ampagorina’s beach, you will see from afar the craft shops of the village with their embroidered tablecloths fluttering in the wind. The fishing village of Ampagorina overflows with handicrafts, such as raffia basketry, sculptures and superb tablecloths, embroidered on-site by the island’s talented embroiderers with the Richelieu stitch technique. Finally, a typical Malagasy meal will be waiting for you at the restaurant “Chez ZoZo”.

  • Departure: from the hotel, 8 a.m. – return around 5 p.m.
  • Details: the tour lasts all day, lunch and snorkeling equipment are included. Available all year.
  • Number of participants: minimum 8 people
  • Price: 80 €
  • Helpful hints: bring comfortable clothes and shoes, a windbreaker for the return trip, a swimsuit, and a beach towel. Make sure not to forget your camera and mosquito spray.

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Excursion to Tanikely from the Corail Noir

Boat expedition to Nosy Fanihi

Start your Robinson Crusoe getaway and embark on a boat to the small uninhabited island of Nosy Fanihi. Located up north of Nosy Be, far from everything, this small paradise island hemmed with a white sand beach, lulled by translucent waters, seems like the edge of the world. A promise to spend unforgettably peaceful snorkeling sessions.

  • Departure: from the beach hotel in front of the hotel, 8:30 a.m. – return 1 p.m.
  • Details: he boat tour lasts half a day, with 40 minutes of sailing.
  • Number of participants: minimum 8 people
  • Price: 50 €
  • Helpful hints: don’t forget to pack a beach towel, sunscreen, a hat, and a camera. We provide palms and a water mask.

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Excursion Nosy Fanihi from Corail Noir

Sport fishing in Nosy Be

Followers of “catch and release”, all our outings are accompanied by local professional guides for safe practice in our many sport fishing areas.

Dogtooth tuna, trevallies, groupers, sailfish… whether you are alone or with friends, we will make you experience great moments of emotion.

Quote on request.

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Sport fishing in Nosy Be

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