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Excursion to Nosy Sakatia

Located on the west coast of Nosy Be, you will find an island with a preserved ecosystem, Nosy Sakatia. Known as the orchid island, take the time to discover it on foot, accompanied by a guide, discover the fauna and flora, each corner of the island, among the fishermen’s villages, the fields of vanilla, coffee, orchids and flowers of all colors and all perfumes. An authentic place where the inhabitants are warm and the rhythm of life is relaxing. You can reach it by boat from Nosy Be, the crossing takes twenty minutes. It is preferable to reach it at dawn, in order to be able to see everything of this small natural paradise.

  • Départure : from the beach in front of the hotel 08h30 or 14h30
  • Details : Our excursion is led by a guide specializing in the observation of marine animals and by an experienced sailor. The excursion lasts half a day, approximately minutes of navigation.
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Prix : 20 €/ person
  • Useful tips : Bring local currency for the market and don’t forget to bring sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, a beach towel, your camera, a k-way, fins and a mask.

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boat trip to nosy sakatia

Excursion to Nosy Iranja

When one thinks of the most beautiful island of Madagascar, Nosy Iranja has decidedly all its chances. It is formed by two small islands, linked together by a strip of fine white sand. With the high tide, the beach disappears and the sea separates the two islands. In Nosy Iranja you can find a fishermen’s village that still preserves its ancestral and fascinating traditions and customs.

  • Departure : in front of the hotel 08h30 – return 17h00
  • Details : the excursion is feasible all year round, and it lasts all day, 1h40 of navigation, typical Malagasy grill of meat, fish and vegetables on the beach in the shade of palm trees..
  • Minimum 8 persons
  • Price : 85 €
  • Usefull tips : Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, a beach towel, your camera and a rain jacket.

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excursion to the island of nosy iranja

Excursion to the primary forest of Lokobe

A place accessible on board of magnificent pirogues which conceals the most characteristic landscapes of Madagascar. You will find most of the endemic vegetation of Madagascar and you can meet lemurs, chameleons and sometimes even some boas.

  • Departure : at 8:00 am, by cab or minibus from the reception of the Corail Noir hotel
  • Details : the excursion lasts all day, return expected around 16hoo. All year round.
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Price : 65 €
  • Usefull tips : Wear beach clothes for the departure but don’t forget to bring long pants and comfortable shoes for the forest, mosquito spray and your camera.

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Excursion by dugout in the primary forest of Lokobe

Tour of the South of Nosy Be

An itinerary full of colors, sounds and scents to discover the inhabitants of the island, the places dedicated to trade and the spirituality of Nosy Be. You will visit the sacred places and, along the different stages, the handicraft markets with their strange products, the frenzy of the meat, fish and spices market, the administrative headquarters of the island at the port of Hellville (with its old cannons), the numerous small stores and the chocolate factory. At the end of the morning, we will visit the sacred tree.

  • Departure : in front of the hotel 08h30 – return 13h30
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Price : 40 €
  • Details : the excursion lasts half a day. All year round.

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Sacred Tree of Nosy Be

Tour of the North of Nosy Be

Discover the natural wonders of the island. We will stop at the beautiful white beach of Andilana and then head to Mount Passot (the highest peak on the island) along the four volcanic lakes populated by sacred crocodiles. Once we reach our destination, you will be able to enjoy a 360° view of the island and admire an unforgettable sunset.

  • Departure : in front of the hotel 2:30 pm – return after sunset
  • Details : the excursion lasts half a day. All year round.
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Price : 40 €

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Andilana Beach

Discovery of Nosy Komba and Tanikely

Part 1 – Nosy Tanikely
For your first excursion, we will take the direction of the island of Nosy Tanikely (the small land), for an aquatic discovery in a magnificent protected reserve to enjoy the Snorkeling. Thanks to our guide and the equipment provided, you will be surprised by the different aquatic species of all colors that are hidden between the corals.

Partie 2 – Nosy Komba
Then, direction to the lemurs island (Nosy Komba), this magnificent island concentrates many lemurs under its protective forest. Once disembarked on the beach of Ampagorina, you will have the opportunity to see artisanal huts with embroidered tablecloths and sculptures. In the fishermen’s village, you will be able to buy the typical handicrafts of NosyBe, creations in raffia, tablecloths and embroidered fabrics “richelieu”, according to the tradition of NosyBe, transmitted from mother to daughter, as well as many other gift ideas. We will propose you a typical meal at the Resto ” chez ZoZo “.

  • Departure : From the hotel at 8:00 am, for a return around 5:00 pm
  • Details : The excursion takes place all year round and lasts all day, lunch and snorkeling equipment included.
  • Minimum 8 persons
  • Price : 80 €
  • Usefull tips : comfortable clothes and shoes, k-way for the return, don’t forget your camera and an anti-mosquito spray.

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Excursion to Tanikely from the Corail Noir

Excursion to Nosy Fanihi

Board a boat to Nosy Fanihi, a small uninhabited island worth exploring for its beautiful white sandy beach and colorful shells on the edge of sparkling transparent water. It is located in the northwest of Madagascar, opposite Andilana. A place with paradisiacal airs which gives the feeling to be alone in the world. The perfect opportunity for snorkeling.

  • Departure : from the beach hotel in front of the hotel 08h30 – return 13h00
  • Details : the excursion lasts half a day, 40 minutes of navigation
  • Minium 8 persons
  • Price : 50€
  • Usefull tips : Don’t forget to bring your beach towel, sunscreen and hat, your camera, we provide fins and a mask.

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Excursion Nosy Fanihi from Corail Noir

Sport Fishing in Nosy Be

Adept at “catch and release”, all our trips are accompanied by local professional guides for a safe practice on our many sport fishing areas.

Dogtooth tuna, jacks, groupers, sailfish … whether you are alone or with friends, we will make you live great moments of emotion.

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Sport fishing in Nosy Be

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