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Corail Noir

Your 3-star hotel at Nosy Be

In the paradisiacal setting of Nosy Be, an island off Madagascar’s northwest coast, Corail Noir welcomes visitors to the heart of an exceptional natural preserved environment. A relaxing and peaceful experience awaits.
Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mozambique Channel, it is where Coral Noir offers a sublime view of the islet of Nosy Sakatia. There, a private beach awaits visitors for a unique nature getaway, far from the city’s hustle and bustle.
In its tropical garden – a true nature gem – Corail Noir hosts a restaurant, a diving and excursion center, a wellness area, and two swimming pools – a complete well-being deal.

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Corail Noir

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Scuba diving

Gorgonian, nudibranchs, sea turtles, manta rays... an exceptional underwater fauna accessible to all, whatever your level.


From the summit of Mount Passot to the sandbank of Nosy Iranja, through Lokobe’s primary forest, there are so many activities to experience.

Private beach

On the small island of Nosy Sakatia, a few minutes away by boat from the hotel, to live an exclusive experience.

Wellness area

Massages, body care... moments of complete relaxation between two escapades.

private beach of Sakatia in Nosy Be in front of Corail Noir hotel
Private Sakatia Beach

Be Robinson Crusoe for a few hours

Corail Noir has a magnificent private beach on Nosy Sakatia, with an exceptional view of Nosy Be’s turquoise waters.
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Aqua Diving

Aqua Diving, Corail Noir’s integrated dive center

With its preserved biodiversity, translucent waters, abundant underwater fauna, and varied spots, Nosy Be is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the Indian Ocean. Aqua Diving, Corail Noir’s diving center, offers the most beautiful sites on the island to discover from the hotel.

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Nosy Be’s absolute Must

Going to Nosy Be means being immersed in a mixed culture. From one islet to another, the archipelago offers many different expressions. Primary forest of Lokobe, marine national park of Nosy Tanikely, lemurs of Nosy Komba, sandbank of Nosy Iranja, endemic flora of Nosy Sakatia… each island reveals its part of wonders.
A stay in Nosy Be is also an opportunity to meet the island’s people, to discover fishing villages, markets, traditional crafts, and the archipelago’s ancestral customs. Smelling, listening, tasting, moving – do not miss the opportunity to live a unique and immersive experience during your stay in Nosy Be!

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