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13 April 2023

What is the ideal length of a stay in Nosy Be ?

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Nosy Be is an island located northwest of the coast of Madagascar, on the Mozambique Channel. Called “the island of perfumes”, it conceals extraordinary landscapes, where it is possible to bathe on idyllic beaches and to observe animals of all kinds in natural reserves.

Some vacationers choose to spend their entire summer vacation in Nosy Be, while others stay only a week and go to other places.

One week, race against the clock

Many vacationers think that it is possible to discover everything on Nosy Be in 10 days or even a week. Some will go up to 3 days maximum! Of course, you will be able to see everything, but exploring the background is not always obvious. If you take into account the fatigue of the trip and the last minute unforeseen events, you will only have three to five days to discover Nosy Be. What to see and do? Go around the island by bajaj or by car, to finish at Mount Passot for a unique sunset. You will still have time to enjoy a day in the marine reserve of Nosy Tanikely and also for trekking lovers, a hike to the mountain of Nosy Komba will allow you to enjoy the landscape.

Two weeks, you almost know the island

We said almost! Between scuba diving, horseback riding, touk touk rides, lazing on the beach, Lokobe nature reserve, visiting the stores, without forgetting to meet the local inhabitants. At each place you will visit, you will meet different people with a well defined culture. These two weeks of stay allow you to discover the daily life of the nosy-béens: cooking, craft industry and festivals.

The main places to visit :

Not to be missed once you are in Nosy Be:

  • The integral natural reserve of Lokobe
  • The Mount Passot
  • Lemuria Land
  • Nosy Sakatia
  • The beach of Andilana
  • The sacred tree of mahatsinjo
  • Hell-Ville

The 10 things not to be missed on the island of Nosy-Be

  • Admire the view from Mount Passot
  • Visit the land-sea combo, Nosy Komba
  • Relax in Nosy Tanikely on its paradisiacal white sand beaches
  • Discover the nature at Lokobe National Park
  • Explore the seabed of Nosy Be
  • Visit the Domaine de Florette, between nature, culture and history
  • Escape to paradise…almost, at Nosy Iranja
  • Discover the sacred tree and the CNRO museum
  • Live as a real nossibein through the moraingy
  • Observe humpback whales and whale sharks

Average budget for a week:

Here is an example of an average budget for a week for one person in Nosy Be :

  • Transport: 40 euros per day, 280 euros for 7 days (including car rental for a few days).
  • Visits and outings : 5 euros per day, 35 euros for 7 days.
  • Meals : 10 euros per day, 70 euros for 7 days.
  • Total budget: 560 euros for 7 days in Nosy Be.

Gastronomy :

Take advantage of your vacations in Nosy Be to eat grilled fish and sea products such as lobster or sea cicada…

In the surroundings :

Several small islands are essential excursions around Nosy Be: Nosy Fanihy, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Sakatia are small paradises for their beaches and their seabed.

For your next vacation, fly to the northwest of Madagascar to the island of Nosy Be. Take full advantage of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and various activities such as diving, quad biking, boat cruises … to make your stay unforgettable. During your stay in Nosy Be, take a tour of Nosy Tanikely, an underwater reserve offering a diving site to discover the various fish of this part of the ocean. Swordfish, sunfish, rays, clownfish, or morays will not have any secret for you.

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